The last year has been an exciting time for my father’s designs.

A year ago, we began working to put more Ralph Rapson designs back into production. I’m proud of our continued progress in bringing these iconic designs to you under the same Rapson-Inc. nameplate my parents used for their pioneering store for all things Modern in the 1950’s.

Many of today’s most compelling designs combine style, natural materials, and comfort. The Greenbelt® Line exemplifies this combination; it just so happens that its roots are 70 years old.

When my father designed the Greenbelt® Line, the materials he used – American hardwoods along with natural webbing – were organic choices dictated by times of scarcity and war. Nonetheless, with their dramatically tapered legs and sculpted, soaring arms, these pieces forever extended the boundaries of modern design.

Today, I’m happy to report that the full Greenbelt® Line of designs, originally called the Rapson® Line for H.G. Knoll®, is once again available. We think great design, beautiful wood, and natural cotton match our modern lives and values as much now as then.

Thank you, as always, for considering Rapson designs for your family’s home or design project. 

Thomas (Toby) Rapson, AIA

Principal, Rapson Architects + Owner, Rapson-Inc.

P.S. June 21, 2012 - I couldn't be more excited about the new, outdoor versions of Rapson® modern classics now in production by our friends at Loll Designs. These chairs are faithful to the lines of the Greenbelt chairs my father drew as he helped define mid-century modernism, but they also hold to his belief that good design must evolve and incorporate new materials. Click here to check out these fantastic outdoor chairs.