2012 Highlights: Loll Outdoor Seating

Just in time for Summer Rapson and Duluth outdoor furniture manufacturer Loll Designs partnered to produce the Greenbelt chairs in recycled plastic. The Loll outdoor line expands on Ralph’s tradition of using the socially conscious materials, producing furniture using recycled milk bottles. Few Modern designers delved into the outdoor furniture realm, but was Ralph always ahead of his time. Working for Knoll he designed the Equipment For Living line, using manufacturing materials available in excess after the wars - Aluminum and Bronze. Loll’s durable outdoor furniture joins good design and ethical values (and a wallop of fun).

Are these not the most handsome outdoor chairs ever produced? I am still not certain how many recycled milk jugs it takes to make one chair, but I am certain that I love Loll and their vibrant seats!

Loll Designs High Back Rocker and Lounge
P.S. If you find a Loll chair I challenge you lift it and learn how substantial these pieces are!
Loll Lounge with arms in sky blue


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