Rapson Exhibit Rocks D.C.

"Ralph Rapson: Architect as Furniture Designer" shows at ARCHER in Washington, D.C.

The show opened November 4 with a reception and book signing at ARCHER's stunning new showroom in the Cady's Alley section of Georgetown. Store owner Robert Chapman - who is perhaps the tallest encyclopedia of modern design that we've ever come across - was a gracious host to our (new production) Rapson furniture team as well as all the design-savvy folks in D.C. who turned out in strength for the opening.

In addition to three new production Rapson Rockers, ARCHER had two beautiful vintage Rapson Rockers by H.G. Knoll on the floor and for sale during the show. Here's one:

Since we re-started production of Rapson furniture designs this summer, we've been looking forward to opening events across the country to showcase Rapson furniture. Early results from D.C. make us even more excited about this strategy. The crowd was very intrigued by all the furniture on display as well by a few of the sketches from our design library that were on part of the exhibit at ARCHER:

Here's Rapson Architects' principal architect and R-Inc. owner Toby Rapson signing some copies of his dad's book of drawings for the design-savvy crew that showed up at the opening:

Don't worry, Toby was eventually able to join the party going on behind him.

Among the many interesting comments and questions from the opening event, here are a few:

1) Q: Can you get any Rapson Rocker with the red webbing used on the highback at ARCHER?

A - Then: "Uh, no, sorry, even though it looks awesome."
A - Now: "YES!"

We heard such a strong response to this chair - in a special C.O.M. fabric that ARCHER ordered - that we've now added red webbing as an option for all Rapson Greenbelt pieces.

2) Q: Will we offer Rapson Rockers in teak?

A: Only FSC-certified American hardwoods for now, but who knows....

3) Q: Will we add a lounge (non-rocking) version to the Rapson Greenbelt line?

Answer: Yes. Check our site for pictures and general availability early in 2012.

We know a lot of people would love to put a Rapson Rocker by their modern hearth and have a complementary lounge chair accompanying it. There aren't many coordinated modern lounge / rocker combinations out there, and we think ours will be the only one that's a true modern classic. When Frank Lloyd Wright furnished his own home,
this combination of Rapson Rockers and Rapson Lounges was what he chose, and we're excited to make it available again.

4) Q: Will there be other Rapson events/exhibits at other retailers?

A: Yes. Thanks to the ARCHER team for blazing the trail. Our next opening event will be in Minneapolis, starting on Thursday, Dec. 29 at DTC. We will keep posting as more events get finalized for 2012.

5) Comment: That Walnut and Natural Cotton combination is a knockout!

Well, we'd like to be modest, but obviously, we couldn't agree more with this sentiment. For anybody who doesn't think a rocking chair can be sexy, we think our chairs are a rebuttal. Case-in-point: Here's a great, stylish close-up of a Rapson Greenbelt in Walnut / Natural Cotton done by ARCHER's very talented photographer:

A big thanks again to the team at ARCHER for not only hosting a great event, but also sharing some great pictures of the event and chairs with us. ARCHER is the exclusive Rapson dealer for all of the metro D.C. area.


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