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Rapson Modern Birdhouse Now Available!

We love that Ralph drew this modern birdhouse so that it carries the signature rakish roofline of many of his best-known modern houses and churches.  And, yes, it's a duplex, so just perfect for multigenerational housing. Add in the conscience-clearing construction in recycled materials and you might as well get a peck of these.

Teaser Alert:

We've been a bit quiet on the blog but aren't stopping our work to bring out more of the great designs that RR left behind. We won't go into details now, but it looks like a banner year for Rapson designs with more new pieces being introduced/re-introduced than at any time since the original Rapson Line debuted for H.G. Knoll in 1945.  What's coming? More new outdoor pieces by Loll Designs and the beginnings of a whole new Rapson Line by another great Midwest furniture company...Can't wait to tell you more.  

In the meantime, here are a few more shots of the Rapson Modern Birdhouse so you can get a feel for this up/down bird bungalow:



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