Photo: David Skelley of Boomerang in San Diego


We are proud to have Rapson designs in these showrooms: 

Toronto and Vancouver: Ella and Elliot
San Francisco: Zinc Details
San Diego: Boomerang
Denver: Mod Livin
Minneapolis: DTC
Minneapolis: Forage Modern Workshop
New York:
Manhattan: reGeneration
Brooklyn: Two Jakes
Nashville: Pierce and Company
Dallas: Mid2Mod
Washington, D.C.
Georgetown: ARCHER
Spokane: wojoworks
Online retailers:
Design Public
New retailers:
If you are interested in adding Rapson designs to your virtual or physical showfloor, please contact Chris Reedy at

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Parties, Exhibits Commemorate Ralph Rapson's 100th Birthday

Ralph Rapson was a man who loved a good party. And although he was not here to celebrate the 100th anniversary of his September 13, 1914 birth, his friends, family, colleagues, and admirers found plenty of ways to recognize the...

Greycoats Invasion of Ralph Rapson's Glass Cube

Perched on the quiet bluffs above Wisconsin's Apple River, the iconic Rapson “Glass Cube” recently played host to a collaborative invasion by the Minneapolis-based band “Greycoats”, videographer Nate Matson, and numerous roadies. The event was part of Nate’s recent project “Spaces”, a series...

Rapson Designs Featured at Chicago Modern Art Exhibit

We are so thrilled that two Rapson Greenbelt Chairs were included in this great new exhibit on the New Bauhaus in Chicago.     The exhibit, housed at the Ukrainian Institute for Modern Art, highlights the role of the New...

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