Highlights of 2012: New Retail Partners

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 2012 boasted many new partnerships for Rapson-Inc. If you are traveling in any of these cities, search out these stores; They are wonderful for experiencing fun and exciting design in person, and are also invariably located in the cities’ cultural hotspot.  

Forage modern workshop in Minneapolis who provide customers, with not just handsome furniture, but are also an “idea shop,” a place for new design--especially from the midwest. This mobile is available from their online store (I have a love for mobiles nurtured by growing up around Ralph’s collection).

ModLivin in Denver features a large showroom of furniture and a fun selection of furniture both new and classic. If you act fast they also have a supply of Stendig iconic wall calendars (baby not included).

Mid2Mod in dallas sells the best new and vintage furniture, lighting and household accessories. If you are shopping in Texas, this is the place to do it. As a case in point, they are the only retailer of Bend designs (cool table below) in the South US and the only dealer for Rapson in Texas.  

One of the most recent additions to our showrooms is Markanto in Germany. Yes you read that right, Rapson furniture is now available overseas. Markanto has an exhaustive list of furniture by nearly every modern designer. If you are looking for furniture in Germany, you have found it. 

Boomerang for Modern in San Diego has been ‘bringing back’ good design since 1985. Located in the Little Italy district, they have three floors of stunning new and vintage furniture. In addition to a blog featuring new furniture finds, their website also has a great section of interior design projects they have consulted on (including one at the ubiquitous Stahl house). 

Wojo Works in Spokane Washington is a spunky furniture and gifts store. They specialize in selling not just classy designs, but classy designs with personality. Their fun sense of humor comes through quickly browsing their online store.

One of the most exciting exhibitions we were able to do this year was at new retailer Two Jakes in New York City. The show in May featured many of Ralph’s drawing’s and also featured the introduction of the Rapson Line of Outdoor furniture with Loll Designs. Two Jakes’ great showroom (best of NY according to New York Magazine) can be found in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. If you are in the Big Apple stop by and tell them Rapson-Inc. sent ya!


Customer Spotlight: Kurylowicz & Associates, Warsaw, Poland

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As a recent addition to the Rapson-Inc. team, this is my inaugurating piece in a succession of weekly blog articles. Through these entries, I hope introduce our readers and clients to Ralph Rapson as an architect and furniture designer, as well as unveil the behind-the-scenes and lesser known stories of his prolific career and influential designs.

Our most recent sale is proof that word of a good thing travels far and wide. On Valentine’s Day, a custom Rapson Rapid Rocker made its journeyto Warsaw, Poland, to the headquarters of the renowned architectural firm, Kurylowicz & Associates. Shown below are the photos of the chair under production. Purchased by Ewa Kurylowicz, Owner and General Designer of the firm, the chair is to be used in her new apartment on the top floor of the ultra sleek Nowe Powi?le residential complex designed by her firm. I was curious to hear how Ms. Kurylowicz had heard about the Rapson-Inc. furniture, so I fired off a few questions, to which she and her son, Marek, most graciously replied to.

 1.       How did you hear about the new line of reproduction pieces by Rapson-Inc?

Ewa: My son and his wife helped me  finding the corresponding links In Internet

Marek: It was recommended to us by one of our interior designers. My mother, the general designer at our company was looking for a rocking chair to her new apartment and sent a query around our office asking for tips. She received several proposals and picked your product.


2.       Do you have any personal or professional connection to the late Ralph Rapson?

Ewa: None, unfortunately


3.       What made you decide on the chair you purchased?

Ewa: Its grace , form and looks (also colours)

[photo credits: Rapson-Inc.]

4.       Where will this chair be used? Is it a personal purchase or for a client?

Ewa: It is a personal purchase but , In fact- semi personal , because I am an owner of a  relatively big architectural office and I use my  personal projects for the business purposes too.The chair will be In my appartment which is located on the top floor of Nowe Powi?le residential complex, designed by us, which You can see on our Web site

Marek: It's a personal purchase for my mothers new apartment located in the new premium residential complex designed by our studio. The investment is called nowe powi?le, it can be found on our website.


I have been browsing through the Kurylowicz & Associates website, and you have many many beautiful projects in your portfolio -

Ewa: Thank  You


5.       Do you have a favorite project? If so, which one and why?

Ewa: I do not have the one which I would especially like. All  projects , especially the ones my team was designing (before my husband’s  tragic death last June) I was a  head of one of 6 design teams our Office consists of, responsible for  i.e. buidlings like  Mariott Hotel, Office building Wolf Marsz?akowska, EMI  Pomaton, Fuji Fotex, all single family house designer and built by us, including the one In Kazimierz


Marek: We have a saying that our favourite project is the one we are working on right now and the ones ahead but if you are asking about the ones we like to brag the most about I would point out the HQ for LOT airlines. It's a minimalistic and very technologically refined building with  many connections to aviation itself.


6.       I particularly love the private house at Kazimierz. What was the inspiration for this house? Could you share any interesting stories related to his project?

Ewa: I am very pleased since it is my and my team’ s design (see above). This is the house we planned to be our private  retreat from the crowded Warsaw, in a very beautiful renaissance town on Vistula River, 140 km south from Warsaw, a place for family meetings. The inspiration was the local architecture and very specific location on the escarpment.  It was built In 2006  with the use of local  limestone. It is a so-called passive house, with the heat pump and mechanical ventilation system. Majority of the furniture was designed by us (also my husband himself), the fire place was designed by the artist and finished with the use of hand made ceramic tiles. Together with my husband, we used to work at the Faculty of Architecture, at the Warsaw University of Technology as the professors and this house was also planned to be a place for the seminars with our  students. Now, when I remained alone, I still plan to conduct these meetings with them, twice a year, if my work at the Office (70 architects) which I am now running with my son Marek and my friend Piotr Kuczynski, allows for it. The house gained quite a big popularity and, like many other our design was widely published In Polish architectural magazines.

You are welcome to visit it when You come to Poland!

Caroline Engel for Rapson-Inc.


Specifier Spotlight: Kurylowicz and Associates

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A custom built Rapson Rocker has arrived to its new owner, Ms. Ewa Kurylowicz in Warsaw, Poland. Ms. Kurylowicz resides in the beautiful Nowe Powisle apartment complex, designed by her architectural firm, Kurylowicz & Associates. We are so pleased to share the photos she shared with us. The Rapson Rocker looks completely at home in its new surroundings. Shortly thereafter, her son Marek, wrote us, saying, "I had the pleasure to sit in the chair today. Great furniture. It's not a rocker only by name.

[photo credit: Ewa Kurylowicz, all rights reserved]

With over 70 employees on staff, Kurylowicz & Associates have a highly prolific profile. Much of their work is in the commercial sector, yet their structures are far from dull or run of the mill. As a practice, they seek to eliminate the too common division of social environments and commercial spaces. The Centre for Preventive Oncology in Warsaw is just one such example. The intent from inception was to create a calming sense of peace and harmony for patients. At the same time, the building emanates a message of superb care and technological advances. The pale silver exterior has a playful industrial aesthetic about it, accentuated by the Mario Bros geometrically shaped plots of grass in the surrounding landscape. The interior is light and airy, furnished with natural woods and vibrant space-age furniture. In turn, the atmosphere is a positive one, not one of boredom and dread that is so often felt in hospital waiting rooms.



[images credited to: Lukasz Czechowicz] 

Their adept, finely-tuned designs are not limited to large-scale projects. As mentioned in the preceding Q & A, the private house at Kazimierz was designed as a retirement home for Ewa and her late husband, and it currently serves as a weekend holiday home for the family. Although overtly modern in form and decor, the overall design pays tribute to the local historical building traditions. The natural lime stone walls, inside and out, along with the enormous wooden beams and ample wooden planking, create a tie between human habitation and nature. If it isn’t too early to dub a structure as neo-postmodern, this house is it. The forms are extruded, simplified and exaggerated, with a sort of light deconstructivist vibe. The stairways take on an almost structural quality, emphasizing the length and height of the house. Despite the oversized elements of the house, stairways, fireplace, ceiling beams, etc., and the actual large volume of the house, the spaces appear intimate and inviting, a feat that should not be under-acknowledged.

[images credited to: Kurylowicz & Associates, all rights reserved]

Caroline Engel for Rapson-Inc.


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