Highlights of 2012: YLiving exclusive Panton print

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The designs of Verner Panton are some of the most recognizable and well known to come from Denmark during the 1950’s and 60’s. Panton is probably best known for his design of the S chair and shell lamps, but in addition to home furnishings he also designed a number of fabric prints. One of the best known fabrics designed by Panton was Geometri I, originally for the Hotel Astoria in Trondheim, it along with many of Panton’s prints would help to define the look of the 1960’s (See the hotel below). One Panton print that still looks fresh today is his 1965 print Unisol 001. The fabric can be found on the Rapson Rapid Rocker offered exclusively through our partnership with YLiving.

YLiving Exculsive Rapson® Rapid Rocker Unison Print

The Hotel Astoria in Panton Geometri I

Iconic Panton 1950's-70's prints


Good Design: Passing the Kid Test

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Recently, I was at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York representing Rapson-Inc. and enjoying the fun showing of the new Loll Rapson Line by Loll Designs (now available!).  

Anyway, there was a lot of fantastic furniture there at ICFF, but among all that great design work, some of the contemporary furniture seemed to have gotten lost and crossed the line into purely visual art. Examples from ICFF (no names named): 

1) One booth had some striking white chairs that almost glowed, but the chairs themselves were roped off and had big signs saying 'DO NOT TOUCH' Presumably, you couldn't sit in a chair without leaving an imprint of your posterior and/or hands. A chair like with a finish like that always has special appeal to buyers without bodies.
2) Another booth had a very intricate and beautiful one-piece wooden teeter-totter. I happened to be walking by when one of the very few kids at ICFF reached out to touch it. The creator of the teeter-totter leapt to intervene with a decidedly forced smile and mumbled, "I'm sorry, but you can't touch this." Perfectly reasonable when 'this' happens to be a Ming vase; well into farce when 'this' is a teeter-totter.

In contrast, we very much want the Rapson chairs we make to be put into active use. Sure, you may not have your own helicopter and/or indoor garden plot as Ralph famously drew in his renderings of Case Study House #4, but we think the good people who buy and use our modern classics should expect them to enhance their busy lives - not constrain them.

Toby Rapson, Ralph's son and the owner of Rapson-Inc., once told me that "Kids are a great test for a design. Kids don't like furniture because it's supposed to be cool, but they can't help but be drawn to it if it is cool." Along with (of course) Rapson Rockers as evidence, Toby also cited Eero Saarinen's Womb Chair (still in production by our friends at Knoll) as a great example of a wonderful design that passes the kid test: When kids see it in a room they have to try it out.  Toby should know. He has four (now grown) boys and a still-beautiful Saarinen Womb Chair in his living room.

So, in case your active life - like mine - involves the even more active lives of your kids, I wanted to pass on a few snapshots from my house that show that my kids not only can use Rapson furniture, but seem to be drawn to it. Other than the furniture and our happily cluttered Rapson house, the main star of this show is my son, who's just learning to read.  

As versatile as it is comfortable, the Rapson Rapid Rocker can also provide a strangely manacing backdrop should you need to stage a pitched battle among toys. In this instance, it was Large Lego Robot vs. the Alliance of the Green Plastic Soldiers and Random Board Game Pieces that Use Easter Eggs as Bombs. I'm not sure who won, but it wasn't Christianity.

The only defense I can offer of the reading material in this picture is that my son may have chosen it as a meta-protest against 'Chick Lit' becoming an accepted genre of contemporary fiction. Obviously, he's brilliant.... Incidentally, we love the funky new version of the Rapson Rapid Rocker for YLiving in the background with Verner Panton's Unisol fabric from Maharam.

A chair definitely passes the 'kid test for good design' when a mopey Kindergartener seeks it out after breaking his collar bone early in the baseball season. The second pair of specs aren't just for looks; he's reading Star Wars 3D.
- Chris Reedy for Rapson-Inc.


Rapson designs to launch nationally with YLiving

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Rapson-Inc. has a great new partnership with YLiving for the national launch of the Greenbelt Line this summer. As well as carrying the full Greenbelt Line of natural modern furniture, YLiving has commissioned an exclusive version fo the Rapson Rapid Rocker in Verner Panton's Unisol fabric by Maharam:

A big thanks to our friends at YLiving as well as all our other great retail partners who are now highlighted under the 'Retailers' menu of our new site.


Customer Spotlight: Kurylowicz & Associates, Warsaw, Poland

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As a recent addition to the Rapson-Inc. team, this is my inaugurating piece in a succession of weekly blog articles. Through these entries, I hope introduce our readers and clients to Ralph Rapson as an architect and furniture designer, as well as unveil the behind-the-scenes and lesser known stories of his prolific career and influential designs.

Our most recent sale is proof that word of a good thing travels far and wide. On Valentine’s Day, a custom Rapson Rapid Rocker made its journeyto Warsaw, Poland, to the headquarters of the renowned architectural firm, Kurylowicz & Associates. Shown below are the photos of the chair under production. Purchased by Ewa Kurylowicz, Owner and General Designer of the firm, the chair is to be used in her new apartment on the top floor of the ultra sleek Nowe Powi?le residential complex designed by her firm. I was curious to hear how Ms. Kurylowicz had heard about the Rapson-Inc. furniture, so I fired off a few questions, to which she and her son, Marek, most graciously replied to.

 1.       How did you hear about the new line of reproduction pieces by Rapson-Inc?

Ewa: My son and his wife helped me  finding the corresponding links In Internet

Marek: It was recommended to us by one of our interior designers. My mother, the general designer at our company was looking for a rocking chair to her new apartment and sent a query around our office asking for tips. She received several proposals and picked your product.


2.       Do you have any personal or professional connection to the late Ralph Rapson?

Ewa: None, unfortunately


3.       What made you decide on the chair you purchased?

Ewa: Its grace , form and looks (also colours)

[photo credits: Rapson-Inc.]

4.       Where will this chair be used? Is it a personal purchase or for a client?

Ewa: It is a personal purchase but , In fact- semi personal , because I am an owner of a  relatively big architectural office and I use my  personal projects for the business purposes too.The chair will be In my appartment which is located on the top floor of Nowe Powi?le residential complex, designed by us, which You can see on our Web site

Marek: It's a personal purchase for my mothers new apartment located in the new premium residential complex designed by our studio. The investment is called nowe powi?le, it can be found on our website.


I have been browsing through the Kurylowicz & Associates website, and you have many many beautiful projects in your portfolio -

Ewa: Thank  You


5.       Do you have a favorite project? If so, which one and why?

Ewa: I do not have the one which I would especially like. All  projects , especially the ones my team was designing (before my husband’s  tragic death last June) I was a  head of one of 6 design teams our Office consists of, responsible for  i.e. buidlings like  Mariott Hotel, Office building Wolf Marsz?akowska, EMI  Pomaton, Fuji Fotex, all single family house designer and built by us, including the one In Kazimierz


Marek: We have a saying that our favourite project is the one we are working on right now and the ones ahead but if you are asking about the ones we like to brag the most about I would point out the HQ for LOT airlines. It's a minimalistic and very technologically refined building with  many connections to aviation itself.


6.       I particularly love the private house at Kazimierz. What was the inspiration for this house? Could you share any interesting stories related to his project?

Ewa: I am very pleased since it is my and my team’ s design (see above). This is the house we planned to be our private  retreat from the crowded Warsaw, in a very beautiful renaissance town on Vistula River, 140 km south from Warsaw, a place for family meetings. The inspiration was the local architecture and very specific location on the escarpment.  It was built In 2006  with the use of local  limestone. It is a so-called passive house, with the heat pump and mechanical ventilation system. Majority of the furniture was designed by us (also my husband himself), the fire place was designed by the artist and finished with the use of hand made ceramic tiles. Together with my husband, we used to work at the Faculty of Architecture, at the Warsaw University of Technology as the professors and this house was also planned to be a place for the seminars with our  students. Now, when I remained alone, I still plan to conduct these meetings with them, twice a year, if my work at the Office (70 architects) which I am now running with my son Marek and my friend Piotr Kuczynski, allows for it. The house gained quite a big popularity and, like many other our design was widely published In Polish architectural magazines.

You are welcome to visit it when You come to Poland!

Caroline Engel for Rapson-Inc.


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