2012 Highlights: Loll Outdoor Seating

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Just in time for Summer Rapson and Duluth outdoor furniture manufacturer Loll Designs partnered to produce the Greenbelt chairs in recycled plastic. The Loll outdoor line expands on Ralph’s tradition of using the socially conscious materials, producing furniture using recycled milk bottles. Few Modern designers delved into the outdoor furniture realm, but was Ralph always ahead of his time. Working for Knoll he designed the Equipment For Living line, using manufacturing materials available in excess after the wars - Aluminum and Bronze. Loll’s durable outdoor furniture joins good design and ethical values (and a wallop of fun).

Are these not the most handsome outdoor chairs ever produced? I am still not certain how many recycled milk jugs it takes to make one chair, but I am certain that I love Loll and their vibrant seats!

Loll Designs High Back Rocker and Lounge
P.S. If you find a Loll chair I challenge you lift it and learn how substantial these pieces are!
Loll Lounge with arms in sky blue


Rapson-Inc. favorite moments of 2012: Articles in both the New York and L.A. Times

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In June of this year the LA Times ran a story featuring the outdoor furniture partnership between Loll and Rapson-Inc. Not to be outdone, the New York Times ran an article soon after titled, “Outdoor Furniture's Colorful Bloom,” featuring a number of pieces including the Loll Rapson low back lounge in sky blue. Kudos to the papers' fine journalists, and cheers to another year of good press.


Rapson Chairs by Loll Designs on Sale Now!

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The annual Loll sale runs this month and includes all the Rapson chairs for made by Loll Designs in 100% recycled plastic! Stunning classic designs in innovative materials - now at 15% off! 


Loll to Unveil Outdoor Versions of Rapson Designs at ICFF

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We at Rapson-Inc. have had a great time working with Loll Designs on fully licensed outdoor versions of the Rapson Greenbelt Line.  Prototypes of the Rapson Rocker and Rapson Lounge for Loll will be unveiled at ICFF and at our show at Two Jakes in Brooklyn on Monday, May 21.

Here's the short story on this fun collaboration:

As well as being the CEO at Loll, Greg Benson designs products for Loll Designs and is always on the lookout for fun, new areas for them to enter. When Greg came to an AIA (American Institute of Architects) convention in late 2011 to show new Loll pieces and take the pulse of architects, he met Toby Rapson, AIA.  They agreed quickly that collaborating on a Rapson Line by Loll Designs would be a fun project.  

As a designer, Greg was already interested in pushing Loll's expertise in working with recycled plastic into new outdoor forms.  In particular, the daring lines and softer curves of mid-century modern furniture appealed to him.  Toby suggested that his father's designs for the Greenbelt Line would be an interesting possibility, and he was excited to have the designs executed in recycled plastic.  After Toby completed the initial renderings of the Greenbelt Line in Loll's signature material, Greg and Jeff Taly at Loll built a more detailed design using both Toby's renderings and the dimensions of Ralph Rapson's Greenbelt Line (originally the Rapson Line for H.G. Knoll).  The result was not just a new line of chairs, but also a completely new system of stainless steel fasteners that help keep the swooping profile of the Greenbelt seat in both lowback and highback forms while using only sheet goods.  

Even after these first strong prototypes were ready, more work was needed to meet the high standards of both companies.  After some rigorous Minnesota load-testing (that is, watching a weekend of hockey while sitting in a prototype), Greg and the team at Loll worked very hard to ensure the seat had enough support in key areas and matched the feel of the original indoor versions.  In the end, both companies are ecstatic with the results of the collaboration. 

Toby Rapson, in particular, thinks that both the designs themselves and the strong, iterative design collaboration with Loll do credit to his father's legacy. Good design is not just a result but a process, and he thinks that his dad would agree that the iterative collaboration with Loll is a great example of how it can be done.


Exhibit of Rapson Drawings Opens in NY May 21

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Two Jakes is hosting the first New York showing of the imaginative drawings of early H.G. Knoll designer and renowned architect Ralph Rapson. As well as showcasing stunning drawings of unrealized designs, it marks the national reintroduction of Rapson’s Greenbelt® Line of lounge furniture from Rapson-Inc. and new outdoor versions of the Greenbelt® Line by Loll Designs.



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